ATTAC: Rudolf Elmer, the Swiss whistleblower - and the crooked offshore justice he faces

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From India's Frontline magazine, a short excerpt of an interview with Swiss whistleblower Rudolf Elmer:
"Today, I am the only one who has been prosecuted for violation of Swiss banking secrecy laws and put under pressure. No action was initiated against Julius Baer and no investigation was carried out against the clients concerned. This does not come as a surprise because it is the government’s policy to protect Swiss bank secrecy and punish any person who challenges corrupt practices in the banking industry. Swiss bank secrecy is the golden calf and it has to be defended whatever be the cost. My case is not just about justice, it is a political issue and it clearly illustrates that Swiss bank secrecy still exists and the assets of culprits are safe in Switzerland."We would urge you to read the whole short interview. This case continues to run, and we believe the judicial process has been improperly conducted, a bit like what seems to have happened in the British tax haven of Jersey recently. It's important to keep the spotlight on these cases

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