"THE PASSENGER" introduction to Switzerland

Tourist Guide "The Passenger (Link)" : Leading European law experts talk about the "Case Elmer/Swiss Bank Secrecy" of an act of revenge by the Swiss judicial system, holy inquisition and treatment one would expect in a totalitarian regime (The Economist)!

Law Expert`s Statements in the multilingual tourist guide:

"The courts of the canton behaved towards Elmer "like a holy inquisition", says Professor Dr. iur. hc. Dr. Mark Pieth (Swiss). "If they could not prove his guilt on one count, they would find another to charge him with. Another academic invited to provide legal advice. Prof. Dr. iur. Wolfgang Wohlers (German), also from the University of Basel, recalls that the charge appeared to be motivated by pure revenge. Why? "Elmer was considered to be a Nestbeschutzer, someone who "dirtied the nest" in which he was born  Prof. Dr. iur. Sol Picciotto (English, UN observer and Tax Justice Network expert): "Switzerland bribed its courts to teach Elmer a lesson and discourage would-be truth tellers (whistleblowers), giving him the kind of treatment one might expect from a totalitarian regime!"

What Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Thomas Geiser (Swiss and Federal Judge of Switzerland), University St. Gallen, worded in his second opinion related to the Elmer`s employment contract made the judicial system of the state of Zurich look extremely incompetent and highly dubious if not criminal! 

Lastly, Prof. Dr. iur. Werner Kallenberger as a former procecutor made it crystal clear in his long  list of shortcomings that Switzerland`s judicial system is not only incompetent but also arrogant believing that it is above the law.