Die Geldwäscher / The Money Launderers Book by bestselling author Dr. Peter Beutler

The Judge Marti Papers


Firstly, many client names! Judge Marti had made  Bank Julius Baer's General Counsel of the Julius Baer Group to confirm 181 bank accounts of Swiss clients of Bank Julius Baer, Zurich according to written verdict of Aug 19th, 2016 (Judge Marti Papers). Therefore, some of those (e.g. Adriano Agosti, Swisspartners Insurance, Rolf Lienberger/Finazinvest AG, Jürg Grossmann, Curtis Lee Lowell jr . etc.) are listed in the verdict!

Secondly, the "Judge Marti Papers" show that various well-known Swiss and other clients were also Julius Baer Cayman clients!

Thirdly, ATTENTION: Julius Baer Group betrayed clients to law enforcement agencies in violation of banking secrecy to protect itself and convict whistleblower Rudolf Elmer! (Evidence of General Counsel of Julius Bär Group:  Christoph Hiestand). Linkedin profile Hiestand.

Fourtly, Swiss banking secrecy ends at the Swiss border but still exists within Switzerland! It is not dead as Switzerland tries to make civil society believe in order to continue with the dirty business!

Fiftly, how a morally corrupt and incompetent Tax Commission II of the state of Zurich (political body, not a court!) and the Federal Prosecution Office denied any investigation into the data of Julius Baer, Cayman Reason: data has no connection to Swtzerland, what fools!?
This meant that hundreds of millions not collected Swiss taxes which eventually had to be covered by the Swiss etc. tax payer!

Sixthly, the essence of the "Judge Marti Papers", however, is the finding that Julius Baer discloses client names to national and international authorities in the case of self-interest and with hasty blind obedience! 

IF I WERE a client of the bank Julius Baer, Zuerich, I would IMMEDIATELY close ALL my accounts WITH THEM because the risk of THEM disclosing ONES PERSONAL DATA to authorities is demonstrably, A SERIOUS DETERRENT AGAINST HOLDING AN ACCOUNT WITH SUCH A  BANK!

P.S. FAILURE TO CONFORM WITH authorities REQUEST FOR DATA, Bank Julius Baer would have to pay a maximal fine of CHF 10`000! PROVES WHAT THIS greedy bank TRULY THINKS OF IT'S CLIENTS!

This makes the book "Die Geldwäscher/The Money Launderers" FOR VITAL  reading in the view of the Pandora, Panama Papers, FinCEN Files as well as Swissleaks. 

Swiss authorities declared Rudolf Elmer as a international terrorist due to the intervention by Julius Baer, Christoph Hiestand, otherwise the Swiss Secret Service would not have observed him for more than 15 years. Quote Julius Baer`s law firm comparing Rudolf Elmer with the "9/11 crew" : "Elmer is the subject of multi-national criminal investigations related to not only the above referenced theft of confidential records, but also related to his attempted extortion and a campaign of threats and terrorist threats against Plaintiffs and certain of its employees (e.g., death and bomb threats, including reference to “9/11”, and threatening letters containing “white powder” sent to the premises of the Plaintiffs in New York and Zurich)." This remainds Rudolf Elmer what he was told by Julius Baer`s top Management in Zuerich: "We finish you up"!

Finally, a Swiss Banker was killed in the Cayman Islands. It was a brutal murder as the Cayman Compass reported.