Whistleblowing Switzerland in favour of civil society costs approx. CHF 4,3 Mio. for Rudolf Elmer / Donation - Spenden

After having been battling for more than 17 years against Julius Baer Bank & Co. AG, Zurich, against prosecutors and judges of the state of Zurich, against the newspaper WELTWOCHE and other newspapers in Switzerland which try to silence whistleblowers and truth-tellers MONEY becomes an issue.


The judges of Zurich could not prosecute me on the main accusation "violating Swiss Bank Secrecy" and now they try to destroy me socially and financially by charging me most of the legal costs and only offering me a compensation for the 220 days solitary confinement of CHF 1000.-! What a joke or is it revenge?!


Therefore, please consider to support the Causa Elmer in order to make Switzerland and even the world a better place because I want to take the entire issue to the Federal Court and if necessary to the European Court of Human Rights in order to demonstrate how the  judical system of Zurich crucifies a Whistleblower!



The donation can be made to


 To Rudolf Elmer Stiftung


Credit Suisse,  Mail Box, 8001 Zurich  / Acct. 265194-62-1


TEXT "Support Legal Cases in favour of Civil Society"


Clearing Nr 4835 / BIC CRESCHZZ80A


IBAN: CH32 0483 5026 5194 6200 1



The expenses and the donations will be made transparent on this webpage_


Donation status as of Oct 18th, 2016        CHF              0.--


Legal Expenses as of Oct 18th, 2016         CHF     130 000.--

Federal Court request another for 2017     CHF       70 000.--

Newspaper WELTWOCHE for 2017             CHF       20 000.--


According to the judge of the High Court of Zurich Peter Marti another CHF 350 000 will be charged to me on Court Expenses at least!


In total CHF 530`000  plus Rudolf Elmer could not find a job in Switzerland since 2005 which represents a loss of income approx. of CHF 3,5 Mio. I have not found a job as a highly qualified Certified Public Accountant anymore in Switzerland because the prosecutor Peter C. Giger requested a ban of working for life in the financial industry in his indictment.


Whistleblowing costs for Rudolf Elmer approx.


CHF 4,3 Mio (USD 4,4 Mio)


besides solidary confinement for 220 days !!!!


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Whistleblowers need Protection!


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