Evidence 01 Federal Court verdict in respect of the judges Gloor and Meyer
01 Beilage Bundesgericht Gloor Meyer 201
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Evidence 02 Federal Court Verdict in respect of Higher Court judge Balmer
02 Beilage Bundesgericht Balmer 20120710
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Evidence 03 materially revised indictment against Rudolf Elmer dated 10. Dec. 2013
03 Beilage Anklageschrift revd 20131210.
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Evidence 04 Ruling of Prosecutor Giger in respect of my wife to close the investigation violation of Swiss Bank Secrecy against her after 3 years
04 Beilage EinStVerfüg BaG A Heckel 2014
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Evidence 5 Federal Court verdict in respect of harrassement and against the judges of the Higher Court and the bank
05 Beilage Bundesgericht Nötigung Fam 20
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Evidence 06 Ruling of the Prosecutor to close investigation against Julius Baer Management
06 Beilage EinStVerfüg Nötigung 20111024
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Evidence 07 Interrogation of Ch. Hiestand and he lied that Rudolf Elmer is under Swiss Bank Secrecy
07 Beilage Aussage Hiestand 20080814.pdf
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Evidence 08 Confirmation of Rudolf Elmers employment with Julius Baer Group
08 Beilage Arbeitsbestaetigg RE 20060606
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Evidence 09 Assignment as Chief Operating Officer (not signed) which BJB handed over 2005 to the prosecution office
09 Beilage Assignment RE nicht unterzeic
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Evidence 10 Insurance Agreement called "Expatriate Agreement"
10 Beilage Expatriate Agreement 19990901
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Evidence 11 Indictement of prosecutor Dr. C. Giger dated 30. Jun. 2014
11 Beilage Anklage Giger 20140630.pdf
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Evidence 12 signed Assignment as Chief Operating Officer
12 Beilage Assignment RE unterzeich 1999
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Evidence 13 Report of Termination of Rudolf Elmer 21. March 2003
13 Beilage Report Termination RE 2003021
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Evidence 14 Request of Prosecution Office to provide personal file of Rudolf Elmer
14 Beilage Editionsverf Brief JB 2005080
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Evidence 15 Letter Law Firm K. Langhard providing signed employment contract 2016
15 Beilage Arbeitsvertrag K Langhard erh
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Evidence 16 Ruling of Prosecution Office to close the legal case against BJB-ZRH
16 Beilage EinStVerf[g Vergehen BG BJB 2
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Evidence 17 letter of BJB-ZRH (dated 30. Jan 2009) confirm Prosecution Office Rudolf Elmer was only employed in Cayman after 1994
Prosecution Office knew since 2009 that Rudolf Elmer was not employed with Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, Zurich confirmed by the Bank Baer!
17 Beilage Auskunftbeg BJB Arbeit 200902
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Evidence 18 Higher Court verdict dated 19. Aug 2016
18 Beilage Obgerichtsurtei Proto 2016081
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Evidence 19 Interrogation of lawyer Ch. Hiestand and his lies about harrassement
19 Beilage Einvernah Hiestand 20091002.p
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Evidence 20 Filing of Ch. Hiestand with US Courts stating Rudolf Elmer is a terrorist
20 Beilage Singer Briggs WikiLeaks 20080
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Evidence 21 Note of the Prosecutor stating that bank Ch. Hiestand etc considers him as a dangerous person involved on an attack against the bank
21 Beilage Aktennotiz RE gefaehrl 201101
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Evidence 23 High Court ruling that it cannot make a call on the case 17. Nov 2011
Requesting the re-investigation of the entire case under its supervision
23 Beilage Beschluss Obergericht 2011111
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Evidence 24 Ruling of the Tax Commission II of Zurich stating BJB data cannot be investigated
The commission argued that it is unusual if one performs a house search in Switzerland to come across banking data of the Cayman Islands!
24 Beilage Steuerekurskomm II Zurich 200
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Evidence 25 Report of the investigative cantonal police dated 31. March 2007
The report confirms that the data Rudolf Elmer provided to the stately and federal tax authorities anonymously during 2004 to 2005 was used by Swiss tax authorities successfully because several cases!
25 Beilage Kant Polizei Bericht 20070531
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Evidence 28 The Higher Prosecution Office turned down the request of Rudolf Elmer to close the case "violation of Swiss Bank Secrecy" in 2008
Rudolf Elmer argued that Swiss Bank Secrecy is not applicable in his case!
26 Beilage Obrerstaatsanwalt Rekrus 2008
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Evidence 27 Indictement Prosecutor Bergaman dated 25. Jun. 2010
no Swiss Bank accounts where mentioned in the indictment!
27 Beilage Anklageschrift Bergmann 20100
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Evidence 28 Lower Court verdict 19. Jan 2011
Judges Dr. Aeppli stated Rudolf Elmer was employed with Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, Zurich and assumed that the Cayman clients had bank accounts with Zurich (no evidence)
28 Beilage BezirksGerichturteil 20110119
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Evidence 29 Higher Court Judge Peter Marti called Rudolf Elmer an ordinary criminal after he could not prosecute him under Swiss Bank Secrecy
Several other judges made public statement about the abusive practice of judge Peter Marti!
29 Beilage Oberrichter Marti 201606.pdf
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Evidence 30 article of Weltwoche using judge Peter Martis personal remarks after closing the public hearing of the verdict on 23. Aug. 2016
30 Beilage Artikel WELTWOCHE 2016 34.pd
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Evidence 32 Letters of my daughter complaining about judges and what you as a parent never ever want to go through!!!
31 Beilage Briefe Tochter.pdf
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Evidence 33 Employment evaluation extract by Prof. Dr. iur. Dr. h.c. Thomas Geiser
It was my "life safer" because the judges had ignored the true employment relationship for more than 11 years in order to prosecute me under Swiss Bank Secrecy
32 Beilage Gutachten Prof th Geiser 2016
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