Please donate for the fight against WELTWOCHE, ALEX BAUR AND ROGER KOEPPEL because the legal case against these journalists could be won entirely if taken to the Higher Court or even the Federal Court of Switzerland. It will be good for civil society to know that WELTWOCHE needs to select its wording more carefully!!

Partcial victory against WELTWOCHE, KOEPPEL, BAUR here the link to Neue Zürcher Zeitung announcing the victory!



"Project: To take the case against WELTWOCHE, ROGER KOEPPEL and ALEX BAUR to the Higher Court of Zurich. Rudolf Elmer expensed for the partial victory at the lower court of Zurich fees of approx CHF 40`000 already.


Please donate for the next step:


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The funds will be entirely used for the legal cases and figures will be made public.

The complaints Rudolf Elmer filed in favour of Society are not financed at all at this stage!