CAUSA: Rudolf Elmer - Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, Zurich - Judical System

FRIST SCANDAL: Expatriate Agreement of September 1st, 1999 - the "dubious Employment Contract" which was for more than a decade considered and this by mistake as Rudolf Elmer`s Employment Contract
Prosecutors lic. iur. A. Bergmann, Dr. lic. iur. R. Jaeger, Dr. lic. iur. P.C. Giger and the following judges of the lower court Dr. iur. E. Zweifel (2005), lic. iur. Zatti (2011), lic. iur. Th Fleischer (2011), lic. iur. I. Erb (2011), Dr. lic. iur. S. Aeppli (2011 and 2014), Dr. lic. iur. R. Schönig (2011), lic. iur. R. Faga (2014) and the following judges of the Higher Court Dr. P. Martin, lic. iur. W. Meyer, lic. iur. A. Schärer (all 2011); lic. iur. Peter Marti, lic. iur. R. Naef, lic. iur E. Leuenberger (all 2011) confirmed with the rulings at the time and also in the indictments and their written verdicts that "The Expatriate Agrement" is THE EMPLOYEMENT CONTRACT WITH JULIUS BAER AND CO. AG, Zuerich!! ONLY on August 23rd, 2016 the following judges lic. iur. P. Marti, lic. iur. E. Naef and lic. iur. M. Langmeier came to the conclusion that the "Expatriate Agreement" does not include all necessary requirements of an employment contract suchs as salary, holidays, reporting to
19991216 Expatriate Agreement without si
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SECOND SCANDAL: Evidence which Prosecution Office and Judges could have used but ignored for more than a decade!!
For more than a decade these evidence was ignored! There are several documents (true employment contract, confirmations, correspondence, statements etc.) in which Julius Baer itself confirms to Rudolf Elmer, authorities and third parties that Rudolf Elmer is not an employee of a Swiss Bank (Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, Zurich) but an employee of Julius Baer Bank and Trust Company Ltd., Cayman Islands since Sept 1st, 1994. The Prosecution Office due to the four house searches and confiscations of documents, computers etc. have had all this information since September 27th, 2005. This crucial information was simple not taken into consideration or say maybe even willfully ignored in order to pretend Rudolf Elmer was an employee of a Swiss Bank.!
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THIRD SCANDAL: Zuerich`s Tax Commission II did not approve an investigation of the Cayman Data
The Tax Commission II of the state of Zuerich did not allow that the Federal Tax Authorities of Switzerland to investigate the data of Julius Baer confiscated by the Police in Rudolf Elmer Swiss home Sept 27th, 2005. Reasoning it is unusal to confiscate data of a Cayman entity in Switzerland. FYI as an employee I could not have legally stolen the data, I was responsible for it! The excuse "stolen data" does not work in this case! According to my estimation Switzerland could have created at least CHF 100 Mio additional tax income! As a tax payer in the state of Zurich I do not accept this that the Tax Commission II of the state of Zurich did not follow through.
Zurich Tax Commission turning down inves
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FOURTH SCANDAL: The Federal Judges of Switzerland called it a despotic act turning down the complaint of Elmer`s family in respect of harrassment
The Federal Judges made it crystal clear that the turning down the complaint against Julius Bär & Co. AG, Zuerich and the private detectives of Ryffel AG, Zurich is an arbitrary act and a despotic ruling on March 7th, 2011. This was address also the the following judges of the high court: lic. iur. K. Balmer, lic. iur. D. Glur and lic. iur. R. Affolter.
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FIFTH SCANDAL: very heavy critisme by the Federal Court to the judges of the High Court of Zurich
In the cause journalist Leo Müller vs. Elmer the following judges of the High Court (lic. iur. Th. Meyer, lic. iur. W. Meyer and lic. iur. A. Schärer) used an outdated law in order to turn down Rudolf Elmer s request. Elmer was charged by those judges to cover an enormous amount of fees. Later the revised ruling by those very same judges came to the conclusion that Rudolf Elmer cannot be charged with any fees!
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SIXTH SCANDAL: The complaint against Julius Baer as a criminal organisation with the Federal Prosecution Office of Switzerland
In 2009 the Federal Prosecution Office within more or less 10 days not to investigate the data of Julius Baer due to the fact there is no link to Switzerland respectively there are no Swiss bank accounts involved. This is strange that there is no accountability of the headquarters in respect of the Groups subsidiaries all over the world!
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