Bringing back what is ours

The Hindu reports about tax evaders etc. and right the Indian people are to ask for what the Indian society belongs.


Yes, they are right I am under serious pressure but I have been under pressure for more than 10 years. I will find ways to support justice and I will fight the legal battle in Switzerland. Living in Switzerland I am daily reminded what secrecy jurisdictions have taken away from the developing countries and what kind of dirty game the multinational conglomerates, the financial institutions and even some high net worth individuals with their offshore structures play to keep their money making machine going.  However, it was also my wish to return to Switzerland in order to take the bull by the horns. I am highly convinced this is the most effective way and make the best out of my life! This time the good guy will win the fight even though he is the underdog. I am on way I am convinced .....and will never give up until automatic information exchange is reality with the developing countries!


I am not afraid of the fat cats and not afraid of the big boys, neither should you!

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    V S S SARMA (Freitag, 27 April 2012 05:30)

    Greatest service to the Indian people will happen if you can bring out the names of Indians who have stashed away Indian money abroad. A country of the poor is being swindled by the sharks. You will always be remembered.