European Court of Human Rights turned down for dubios reasons Elmer`s complaint!

Are the Swiss manipulating the ECHR?

The evidence is in the letter (download)

to the president of the ECHR?


The Swiss complaint was turned down by the registrar, a Swiss National, and the other three previous complaints as well by the very same Swiss national. This  raises serious questions of fairness if a Swiss deals with the four complaints of a Swiss Whistleblower and turns them all down even though two of them were composed by a highly and brilliant Swiss lawyer. More in the video and the German video / Der Deutsche Video  ist here!


The English complaint to the President of the European Court of Human Rights Dr. Linos-Alexandre Sicilianos (here).

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More thrilling information in the youtube video!


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Beschwerde / Complaint Holy Pope Franziskus (click) 


Zitat/Quote of the Pope Franziskus: „El secreto bancario es el robo más grande de la humanidad y tiene consecuencias catastróficas para los más pobres de la tierra”


(Tethong Blattner AG, Zurich) since 2005.

Ganden Tethong filed the complaint at the ECHR, August 14th, 2019.