Is the Swiss judicial system morally corrupt?

First legal and shocking analysis whick leaves every reader speechless!

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After social and professional death for the whistleblower and the judges cannot prosecute him in respect of violation of Swiss Bank Secrecy

the financial death must be achieved at least! 

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"Reporting a financial crime in Switzerland remains a crime!

You always will be punished if you touch Swiss Bank Secrecy!"


Whistleblower, Change Agent, Conscientious Objector 

First they try to destroy you,


Then they isolate you and threaten you with prison,


Then they put you in solitary confinement,


Then they deny the truth to the public,


Then they try to bribe you to silence you,


Then they make you a scapegoat,


Then they laugh at you, try to make you look ridiculous: a mentally sick person,


Then they realise the truth cannot be hidden from the public,


Then they try to close the legal case quietly,



THEN it is you who sits in the driver seat,


And that's when finally, YOU WIN.


Rudolf Elmer

Thinking about it that you are THEIR PROBLEM, rather than the other way round is a great way to think of it in order to find mental piece and have a good night`s sleep.  

Rudolf Elmer