What is all about in this history making Court Trial?

Appeal Hearing



Whistleblower High Court Trial




  November 17th, 2011, 0800



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(Location: Klausstrasse 4, 8008 Zurich, Courtroom 2)


Judges at the High Court will be


President:     Head Judge Peter Marti

Referent:       Judge Erwin Leuenberger

Co-Referent: Judge Rolf Naef

Clerk:             Jasmin Stark





Winterthurs Prosecution Office representing Bank Julius Baer & Co. AG, GAM Holding AG, Curtis Lowell jun., Christoph Hiestand


Defendant: Rudolf Elmer


Rudolf Elmer is accused of


1)   violating Swiss Bank Secrecy e.g. due to publishing data on WIKILEAKS


2)   violation of Swiss industrial secrecy laws


3)   coercion



1) Requested Verdict: „Convicted on all charges“


Prosecution Office Winterthur/Unterland wants to make the case that Swiss Bank Secrecy protects the data in the Cayman Islands and that based on a former employment agreement Swiss Bank Secrecy applies also to Rudolf Elmer working in the Cayman Islands.


 Prosecution Office wants to make the case that Swiss industrial secrecy laws also apply to the Cayman Islands in case of Rudolf Elmer and accuses him of disclosing Julius Baer ´s secrets how it uses the operation in the Cayman Islands providing Trust & Company, Mutual and Hedge Fund services as well as the administering of Special Purpose Vehicles e.g. offshore companies of Carlyle, Washington D.C. within the Julius Baer Cayman office.


Winterthur``s head prosecutor Dr. iur. R. Jäger requests an increased imprisonment form 8 to 12 months on probation, and newly a prohibation period of 3 years even though some complaints have been drop at the Bezirksgericht Zurich Dr. iur. R. Jäger concluded that punishment must be drastically increased. Dr. iur. R. Jäger argues that Rudolf Elmer is only out for revenge.




Who fights the Swiss Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer? Let them know Society needs Whistleblowers to change for the better!

  1st Plaintiff: Zurich’s Prosecutor´s Office Winterthur/Unterland Dr. iur. R. Jäger

E-Mail: rolf.jaeger@ji.zh.ch 

2nd and 3rd Plaintiffs: Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG and GAM Holding AG

Webpage: www.juliusbaer.com


  4th Plaintiff: Christoph Hiestand, 1st legal advisor Julius Baer: dealing with Elmer's case since 2002

E-Mail: christoph.hiestand@juliusbaer.com


all are represented by the Zurich law firm Roesle, Frick & Partner:

webpage: www.rfplegal.ch

by Dr. Kurt Langhard: kurt.langhard@rfplegal.ch


  5th Plaintiff: Curtis Lowell jun. (Eichenweg 5, 8700 Küsnacht Zurich), Director of Julius Baer & Trust Company, Cayman is represented by the law firm Niederer Kraft & Frey, Dr. Edgar H. Platzer:

Webpage: www.nkf.ch

email: edgar.h.paltzer@nkf.ch

The American Curtis Lowell jun. was accused of money laundering, fraud and other crimes related to Raul Salinas matter in Switzerland.


Defendant: Rudolf Elmer

Webpage: www.rudolfelmer.com

Email: swisswhistleblower@gmail.com or contact form on the homepage



President of Julius Baer Holding AG: Dr. Raymond J. Baer to whom Rudolf Elmer used to report to:

Email: raymond.baer@juliusbaer.com


Ryffel AG, Zurich: Private Detectives which acted as observers compensated by Julius Baer:in the period 2003 to 2005

webpage: www.investigations.ch

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