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Tax Heavens


The Demonization

of a Swiss




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This book tells the story of Ron Edelweiss, a Swiss banker who turned whistleblower after spending nine years in the Caribbean tax haven of the Crocodile Islands. Based on a true story, it describes the traumas he and his family faced on the Crocodile Islands, then back home in Switzerland, after he set out to confront the corrupt system.


His bank, Marcus Ursalino, has been synonymous with trust, expertise and passion since it was founded in 1890. As the bank’s founder Marcus Ursalino liked to say: “If a relationship is based on trust and absolute integrity, then it benefits both sides.” This credo underpins its corporate values: Care, Passion and Excellence, which Edelweiss took to heart – until he began to see what was really happening.


The book provides a unique and astonishing insight into the world of opaque business practices, tax evasion, special purpose vehicles and hedge funds, and shows the luxurious lifestyle of bankers, lawyers and accountants. The book covers a part of Ron Edelweiss’ life and work in the financial Industry in places such as Switzerland, the Caribbean, the Channel Islands, United States of America and the Indian Ocean.


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