Who is Rudolf Elmer?


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Quotes by Rudolf Elmer

Offshore tax evasion is the biggest theft among societies and neighbour states in this world!


The people of this world demand fair play in sport! Why do they not demand this also from the financial institutions, multinational conglomerates and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals which maintain some dubious companies and trusts in Offshore Centres?


If I had not worked in eight well known Offshore Centres and finally in Africa I would not have discovered the biggest predatory theft in history of humanity and its catastrophic consequences for the poorest people of the earth.


Whistle blowing should not be a money-making business but today it has to be one because a whistle blower will not find another reasonable job after having told the truth to society. Society turns the whistle blower into an outlaw.


Banking drives for excellence hopefully not only in respect of professional performance but soon also in respect of ethics and moral.


Bank Secrecy is a blast from the past! We have to reconsider where privacy ends and social responsibility starts and that globally!


The Offshore World has to serve the world’s economy and not secrecy anymore!


In all modesty I have been personally in those locations where the money is hidden and I have counted and protected the money of High and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, Financial Institutions and Multi-National-Conglomerates in those secrecy jurisdictions. I know where the missing funds are in order to finance education, infrastructure, pensions and the missing support of the poorest people of the earth. I know how Top Management channels these high compensation packages in their pockets.


Today, I am a culprit, a witness, a whistleblower, an activist and a reformer!


Rudolf Elmer


Swiss Certified Public Accountant, SIB Controller, Captain Swiss Army


Auditor: KPMG


Banker: Credit Suisse, Julius Baer, Standard Bank of Africa, Noble Group