Switzerland seeks to arrest of German tax collectors

Acoording to REUTERS one of the best known whistleblowers is former Julius Baer banker Rudolf Elmer, who helped bring the WikiLeaks website to prominence three years ago when he used it to publish client details from Julius Baer to expose tax evasion. He is also accused of violating Swiss Bank Secrecy and  espionage in respect of having approached Peer Steinbrück, the former German Finance Minister.  Rudolf Elmer served already 220 days in prison, however, he has not been found guilty yet!!


Reason: after closed to seven years of investigation neither Zurich`s judges at the High Court of Zurich nor the Prosecution Office of Zurich knows what sort of data has been provided to the Swiss Tax Authorities and Wikileaks. It could be data of Julius Baer, Cayman, Zurich, Guernsey, New York, Hong Kong etc..

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