Swiss Court`s unsealing of whistleblower CDs spell more trouble for Julius Baer

Here the latest twist (International Tax Review) to a whistleblower case that has now lasted more than six years, the High Court of Zurich has decided to unseal the three CDs at the heart of the matter. Possibly the evidence! Judges Dr. AEPPLI the lower court found Rudolf Elmer guilty January 17th, 2011.  The High Court judges decided in November last year that because the data on the CDs had not been revealed, it was not known whether it was Cayman or Swiss data and therefore could not confirm the verdict of judge Dr. AEPPLI (Green Party). The decision of judge Dr. AEPPLI appears to be another arbitrary decision in Elmer`s case. Judge Dr. AEPPLI found Elmer only guilty because he had a Swiss contract with Julius Baer for two of the eight years he worked for the bank in Cayman.


Secondly, the Federal Court of Switzerland called the decision of the High Court judges KURT BALMER (SVP), D. Glur (GP) and R. Affolter (FDP) against Julius Baer and the private detectives (Ryffel AG) already an arbitrary decision with its verdict of March 7th, 2011. The three judges had turned down Elmer`s complaint several times - which had been filled already spring 2005 -  in respect of harrassement of the Elmer family besides turning down the complaint the three judges delayed the legal process. The case was approximately 2 1/2 years pending in the High Court!


In Zürich judges are proposed by the political parties and those judges have to give away up to 10 %  of their salary each year to the political party which they belong to and supported their election!


Verdict of the Federal Court as of March 7th, 2011
Verdict against the ruling of the High Judges Kurt Balmer (SVP), Daniel Glur (GP) and R. Affolter (FDP).
Urteil Federal Court of Switzerland in f
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