Why did Swiss Courts not act on Elmer`s complaints?

Elmer filed several complaints at the Prosecution Office of Zurich as well as at the Federal Prosecution Office of Switzerland in respect of abusive practice related to Julius Baer`s Cayman office (Guardian UK reports). Every complaint was consistently turned down and ignored (evidence; Isle of plenty, Guradian UK)! Why is this so (evidence: a rare glimpse into offshore world .... Guardian UK)?


Do Swiss Authorities have a hidden agenda in respect of Elmer`s complaints?


A secrecy jurisdiction (tax haven) cannot afford to have any succesfull whistleblowers (all Swiss whistleblowers have been found guilty in one or the other way!)


Are there any govermental interests or even some Swiss financial institutions, multi-national conglomerates and high net worth individuals with offshore structures afraid of the facts on the CDs of Julius Baer?


Turning down the complaints and going after Elmer represent a message of a secrecy jurisdiction to criminals "your money is safe in Switzerland", doesn`t?


It is simply nonsense according to the International American investigator and lawyer Jack A. Blum that Swiss Bank Secrecy could protect data from the Cayman Islands!


Why has the investigation of the legal case of Rudolf Elmer last for close to seven years and the judges of the High Court concluded that they still do not know what sort of data we talk about (ruling of November 17th, 2011)?


The confiscation of Elmer`s data in Sept 2005 included a lot of Cayman data and actually also provided a lot of evidence and explanation how the system works. Why was Elmer not used as an informant?


There remain plenty of questions in this case but the story will unfold more and more in the near future.


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