European Court of Human Rights protects abusive practice of Swiss Bank Secrecy

Liberte Info informs and challenges the ECHR
Elmer had filed the complaint in 2008 which was recently turned down by a decision of a single judge not allowing Elmer any way of appeal.

The lightness of the decision on this case where the stakes are very high - especially at a time where most European states are under tight economic conditions, if not plain austerity; Let us remind that tax evasion allows trillion to escape taxation worldwide, and many trillion only for Europe - is surprising: indeed the European Convention of human rights, which guides the court's work, states in its article 26 that cases ought to be considered by a single-judge formation, committees of three judges, Chambers of seven judges, or Grand Chambers of seventeen judges. Elmer's application has been reviewed only by a single judge, Julia Laffranque.

More information on Liberte Info "Rudolf Elmer".
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