Firstpost India Kejriwal’s bombshell: Govt, HSBC have much to answer for / Elmer in India press

Investment and taxation expert Anil Harish, who has represented some of these 700  account-holders with HSBC, Geneva, related to the Lagarde-list offered interesting insights into just how much the Indian government knew in respect of these accounts. Only 100 cases were investigated in India and the list was held back for more than one year.


Rudolf Elmer with strong statements in Firstpost India.


This Indian matter looks like the very same pattern as in Greece. Greek Parliament which held back the Lagarde-list with 2`000 suspected tax evadors for two years seems to protect the 1 % of the Greek Society. It only came to light when the Greek  journalist Vaxevanis, who published names of 2,000 suspected tax evaders in his journal. He was cleared of privacy breach by court due to the fact that he served public interest.

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