New interview with Rudolf Elmer: "The focus in my case has so far entirely been on incriminating evidence"

Liberte Info: Since our last interview with one of the most prominent whistleblowers - Rudolf Elmer - his case has made some significant advances, such as the recognition by the Zurich High Court judges that the prosecution has done a "sloppy job" when investigating the case, and the order to work on it anew. That is not considering the absurdity that consists in investigating the whistleblower and not the alleged criminals exposed by him.

Since the judges' recognition of what was a fact for anyone familiar with the case, no progress has been made. So we thought it was time to have a new interview with Rudolf Elmer, especially since he has recently written a letter to the same judges to insist on having a fair trial.

Read more on it in the following Link (Liberte Info).

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