Life like a Thriller - Rudolf Elmer

How Julius Baer and Ryffel AG of Zurich made pressure on a child and the family to silence the whsitleblower
Life Like A Thriller

In the beginning there is the desire for justice: Whistleblowers often risk their career, family, and health to expose misconduct in the financial sector.

Astrid Doerner New York

· A new study indicates: whistleblowers are being ostracized

· Many tend to get into a downward spiral

Rudolf Elmer couldn't sleep anymore. Restlessly he wandered through the house during the night. The worries about his family's safety kept him wide awake. His six-year old daughter told him about "black men", who watched her on the way to Kindergarden or when she was playing in the garden. One time one of the men started talking to her. Ever since then the little girl was scared in the dark. ....
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