Liberté Info: New interview with Rudolf Elmer

Liberté Info:

The stakes of swiss banking secrecy are just as high if not higher, which begs the

question of why people such as Rudolf Elmer, but also Hervé FalcianiAntoine Deltour 

and others, do not receive the support they deserve in order to fight banking secrecy

jurisdictions with equal powers and at least through fair trials.

Banking secrecy whistleblowers have so little support that Switzerland felt comfortable

enough to recently (i.e. July 1st 2015) strengthen their punishment.

In the present interview Rudolf Elmer gets more into the details of his cases, naming

names and citing precise facts (such as being forced to attend horrendous trials despite

medical certificates from several doctors advising against it) showing how his basic

human rights have been and are still being repeatedly violated.

Multiple documental evidence is also available below showing that he was an employee

of the Julius Baer Bank and Trust Company Ltd, Cayman Islands, and consequently

the Swiss banking secrecy law shouldn't apply to him. A fact the Zurich justice system

is still stubbornly feigning to ignore.

You can also read his guest blog piece on the Tax Justice Network's website for further

details on the case.

Link to the Interview with Liberté Info

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