Whistleblowers in Switzerland are traitors, data thieves, blackmailers - presumption of innocence does not need to be mentioned etc.!

Who wonders about above statement in a secrecy jurisdiction/tax haven

by the Conseil Suisse De La Presse


The "Conseil Suisse De La Presse", a body which suposingly supervises the Swiss press, confirmed in its ruling FINEWS against Rudolf Elmer that the Swiss press does not violate its Code of Conduct for Swiss journalists when calling Rudolf Elmer a traitor and a data thief.


In addition even though in the case of Rudolf Elmer there is no final ruling in courts as of today and this now for more than 10 years the presumption of innocence is ignored in the causa Elmer by the "Conseil Suisse De La Presse".


The "Conseil Suisse De La Presse" protects the fact that there is no need in the "causa Elmer" to mention in an article that the presumption of innocence still exists and there is no requirement to ask Rudolf Elmer for his position prior to publishing an article where he is called a traitor, data thief, Datenklau etc.


Obviously, FINEWS is the voice of the financial industry and therefore the "Code of Conduct" is stretched, bent and ignored if one deals with whistleblowers in the Swiss financial industry. 


The ruling simply confirms the poor and narrow-minded approach of the so-called "judges" of the Conseil De La Suisse: Max Trossmann, Marianne Biber, Jan Grüebler, Peter Liatowitsch, Markus Locher, Franca Siegfried and Matthias Halbeis.


Link to the ruling FINEWS vs Rudolf Elmer






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