Swiss court rejects whistleblower suit against Julius Baer

Reuters: Switzerland's top court has dismissed a whistleblower's lawsuit against private bank Julius Baer and employees, in which the whistleblower claimed damages to his reputation and finances, the latest twist in a decade-long saga.


Rudolf Elmer had claimed that Julius Baer and three current and former bank employees, who testified that he violated bank secrecy laws by handing over data about offshore clients to WikiLeaks, had misled prosecutors over his employment status. This led to criminal proceedings being extended, which cost him money, and harmed his reputation, he claimed.

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For your Information: The Federal Court requested that Rudolf Elmer has to pay CHF 800 and the Higher Court of Zurich CHF 2`000 due to the fact that the complaint was turned down! Rudolf Elmer does not mind the money it is worthwhile to show to the public how the judicial system protects Julius Baer!!!


The evidence - Swiss Courts turned down Rudolf Elmer`s complaint
General Counsel Ch. Hiestand and other two employees will remain protected by Swiss Courts even if they have manipulated and violated article 307 etc. of the criminal law in Switzerland. Bankers and banks are above Swiss Laws!
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