Whistleblower Filmfestival Thessaloniki, April 22nd/23rd, 2017


Saturday, 18.00: “A leak in Paradise” by David Leloup – Belgium, 2016 documentary,

The life of Rudolf Elmer, a Swiss former banker and public interest whistle-blower. Persecution, exile, harassment. Everything you need to know about public interest whistle-blowers

Comments: The screening will take place in the presence of R. Elmer who will also answer the questions of the audience. 

19.30: Open event – discussion on:

The protection of whistleblowers, a weapon against corruption and its importance for addressing tax evasion by multinational companies


 Rudlolf Elmer, Whstleblower (Swiss Bank, Julius Bar)

 Stelios Kouloglou, Member of the European Parliament (GUE/NGL)


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