An incredible amount of work the Swiss Judicial System performed in order to protect the dubious law of Swiss Bank Secrecy!! - WITHOUT legal SUCCESS!

12 years of investigation, over 100 bindes of evidence, 1720 pages of Court rulings/indictments, 48 (each at least 5 hours) prosecutorial interrogations of Rudolf Elmer etc.
Estimated financial loss of Rudolf Elmer, the citizens of the State of Zurich and Switzerland caused by Christoph Hiestand concerning false witness testimony in a court trial and infringement of Art. 307 Criminal Law on the occasion of the interrogation of August 14th 2008 where Christoph Hiestand was invited as a witness in the criminal proceedings against Rudolf Elmer. Christoph Hiestand was interrogated by Prosecutor Alexandra Bergmann, Prosecution Office Winterthur / Unterland, Herman-Götz-Strasse 24, Winterthur .
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