Switzerland’s Biggest Political Party Threatens to Derail India’s Plan to Get Black Money Data

The Wire: The Swiss People’s Party has said that India and ten other countries are “too corrupt” and that it will get enough support in the country’s parliament to halt the Indo-Swiss tax information exchange process.

Paris: Switzerland’s right-wing and biggest political party has said that “corrupt and authoritarian countries” should not be given access to tax data, in a move that could threaten the country’s automatic information exchange (AIE) treaty with India and ten other nations.


Last week, however, the right-wing Swiss People’s Party (SVP) released a list of “corrupt countries” that includes India, Argentina, Brazil, China, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.


“We do not want an automatic exchange of bank data with corrupt and unfree states,” said the SVP president, Albert Rösti......... The Wire.