Switzerland accused of spying German tax authorities / view Whistleblower Elmer

International Tax Revenue - Whistleblower Rudolf Elmer`s view and experience
International Tax Review: According to German media, members of the Swiss intelligence agency are being investigated for spying on the German tax authorities. One whistle-blower is Switzerland attests it ceased monitoring the German tax authorities in 2014. One man who is not in the least bit surprised by the reports, however, is Rudolf Elmer, the Swiss Whistle-blower who has been hounded by his government since being accused of breaching his country`s bank Secrecy laws twelve years ago (2005!!!).
"I am not very impressed by the Swiss secret service at all because I have dealt with some of their people", Elmer told International Tax Review. "Particularly in respect of tax matters, and trying to infiltrate German ....." 

......... Switzerland will be pitted against the world and will lose ......."
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