Attachment: my 10-year old daughter wrote to Zurich´s judges - Beilage: meine 10jährige Tochter schrieb an die Züricher Richter
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The Zurich judges and prosecutors ignored the written concerns (attached) of the little girl even though the little girl wrote about the harrassement and the fear she had when the stalkers were around our house; on her way to the kindergarten; the car chase she was on the back seat with her 4 year old cousin and in the front was mom and granny and the Police had to intervene; the fact she was approached by the stalkers on her way to the kindergarden. 


The Stalkers achieved that the little girl at the age of six at the time had to be accompagne to the kindergarden and being pick up again by mom because she was afraid of the stalkers. The kindergarden was only 900 meters from the little girl´s home! is this not psychological terror even aimed at a child to put her father unter pressure!

The following judges and prosecutors ignored the little girl´s and the family´s concerns by turning down consistently any complaints of the child and the family:

- judges of the High Court of Zurich: K. Balmer, D. Glur and R. Affolter
- prosecutors of the State of Zurich: Thomas Moder and Head Prosecutor Dr. U. Frauenfelder Nohl


On a side not it has to be noted that the Head Prosecutor Dr. U. Frauenfelder Nohl and the representative of Julius Bär against Rudolf Elmer, the founding partner lic. iur. Bruno Frick of the law firm Roesle, Frick & Partner are both in the Board of the Alumni Organisation of the University Zurich. Dr. U. Frauenfelder Nohl consistently turned down Rudolf Elmer´s complaints.


Is this a striking example of "wilfull blindness"? or even a striking example of "if you cannot destroy the evidence (Julius Bär tax abuse etc), then beat or have the witnesses beaten"?


The following people denied emphatically any wrongdoing but addmitted to have hired the private detectives Ryffel AG and were aware "up to a certain extent" what was going on:

- Dr. Raymond Bär, Zuerich (President of Julius Bär Holding)
- Michael Bär, Zuerich
- Rudolf Bär, Zurich (former CEO of Julius Bär Holding)
- Walter Knabenhans (former CEO Julius Bär Holding)
- Dr. Georg Schmid, former Head Human Resources
- Christoph Hiestand, JB Head Legal
- Peter Stelzner, Private Investigator of Ryffel AG, Zürich

Unfortunately, it is a fact that the Zurich´s judges and prosecutors have never questioned in person

- the little girl, my wife, me and our neighbours who were also afraid
- co-employees who also observed the stalking
- or any other witnesses

However, Zurich´s prosecutors questioned in detail above listed people and obviously all of them deny any wrongdoing!!

The plenty of evidence we provided e.g. police reports, confirmation of neighbours and even names of stalkers were simply ignored by the judges and prosecutors of Zurich. Maybe no-one dares to spoil the name of Julius Bär!

The matter is now with the Federal Judges and the Judges of the European Court of Human Rights and the family prays that theses judges at least would look into the matter and make the effort to question my daughter, my wife, myself and maybe neighbours and review all the police reports!

It becomes pretty clear that Zurich´s prosecutors and judges might struggle with the fact that a child of 10 has also some rights to learn and understand what justice means in the State of Zurich.

The prosecutors´ and the judges´ ruling, unfortunately only in German, can be viewed in the legal part of this webpage.


The appeal with the Federal Court of Switzerland will be published as soon as the Federal Court reached a ruling on the matter!


It makes me proud that my daughter at the age of 10 already starts to fight for justice and inspires me to go on to disclose the abuse in the banking world but also in the so-called world of justice!