The Guardian UK: Isle of plenty

The Caymans: a Caribbean paradise ... operated in secret. A top Swiss banker turned whistleblower says he has the evidence.


Die WikiLeaks-files on WikiLeaks which Julius Baer insists of those are fabrications!

The Guardian UK: A rare glimpse into offshore world of big money and low taxes

One of the more fascinating sets of records disclosed by Rudolf Elmer is, he says, the confidential investor list of an offshore fund run by the Carlyle Group.

This prominent private equity operation in Washington DC counts presidents and prime ministers among its advisers, and Elmer's list opens the door to a rarely seen offshore world of big money and low taxes.


Die WikiLeaks-files on WikiLeaks which Julius Baer insits of those are fabrications!

Swiss Prosecution did not even care about the drug lord

'Dirty Warrior' and 'Lord of the Heavens' United in the Great Beyond

It remains to be seen whether the accused military men will suffer the fate of another narco-linked Army commander, retired Gen. Mario Acosta Chaparro.

The Latin American Herald Tribune reported last month that Acosta, "who was convicted of drug-gang ties a decade ago but subsequently exonerated, has died of wounds suffered in a gunshot attack, sources with the capital's district attorney's office said."

According to McClatchy's "Mexico Unmasked" blog, the general was killed "as he descended from his chauffeured vehicle to pick up his Mercedes Benz (how many generals can afford to buy MBs?) in a suburban area of Mexico City. A guy in a motorcycle fired 3 rounds from a 9mm handgun into Acosta's head."

As Antifascist Calling reported in 2010, this was the same general who was shot and wounded in Mexico City during an alleged "robbery attempt." At the time, El Universal reported that police claimed a thief wanted to "steal the general's watch" and shot him several times in the abdomen when he resisted.

It must have been a nice watch.

But with last month's murder it appears that Acosta's past caught up with him. "In 2007," Antifascist Calling reported, "after a six-year imprisonment on charges of providing protection to late drug trafficking kingpin Amado Carrillo Fuentes ... Acosta Chaparro was released from custody after his conviction was overturned on appeal."

Freed on technicalities despite testimony by witnesses under the protection of the Mexican government, documents published by WikiLeaks revealed that the Swiss Bank Julius Baer's Cayman Islands unit hid "several million dollars" of funds controlled by Acosta and his wife, Silvia, through a firm known as Symac Investments.

WikiLeaks wondered whether Mexican authorities would "want to know whether the several millions of USD had anything to do with the allegations that Mr Chaparro, a former police chief from the Mexican state of Guerrero, stopped chasing his local drug dealers and joined them in business."

The secret-spilling web site averred: "With the assistance of Julius Baer, Mr Chaparro was able to invest several millions of USD in Symac with all the secrecy which the Caymans allowed and to draw out some $12,000 a month until he suddenly stopped it in July 1998. The following year, a particularly notorious colleague from the Mexican police became an FBI informer and offered new evidence against him."

During his 2002 trial on drug trafficking and corruption charges one of the witnesses, Gustavo Tarín Chávez testified that Acosta answered a phone call and a voice on the other end of the line said: "Son! How are you? Son!" Tarín Chávez told the court that the only person who called the general "son" was none other then Amado Carrillo Fuentes.

During that call, the late drug lord told Acosta that he had spoken with Rubén Figueroa Alcocer, the former governor of Guerrero, and that "everything was settled."


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Julius Baer Schattenbankensystem - Shadow Banking System

Das Schattenbankensystem wird hier bei WikiLeaks am ersten Whistleblower-Brief von Rudolf Elmer erklärt. Hier der link zu WikiLeaks Deutsche Version STEUERMANOEVER UEBER CAYMAN ISLANDS


The Shadow Banking explained on WikiLeaks frist Whistleblower letter Rudolf Elmer.

Here the link to WikiLeaks English Version CLOUDS OVER THE CAYMANS

Julius Baer old leaks to 2004 the Wikileak files

On Tuesday, 17-Jan-2011 a press conference with Julian Assange and Bank Julius Baer whistleblower Rudolf Elmer was held on releasing information on "over 2,000" high net worth tax evading individuals. Mr. Assange said that WikiLeaks would verify and release the information, including the names, in as little as two weeks. While waiting for the new leaks, find below the leaks relating to Bank Julius Baer that Wikileaks has published in 2008.

The Leak in Paradise - The perfect example of a whistleblower!

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