The verdict announced by Head Judge P. Marti on Aug 23rd, 2016


(eleven years after opening the investigation!)  



 The Economist: A court in Zurich handed Rudolf Elmer, a whistle-blower, a 14-month suspended prison sentence for threatening his former employer, Julius Bär, a private bank.


However, he was acquitted of the more serious charge of violating Swiss banking-secrecy laws.


The ruling sets an important precedent, since it indicates that Switzerland’s famously strict confidentiality laws do not protect foreign trusts and companies that hold Swiss accounts in offshore jurisdictions such as Cayman, British Virgin Islands, Hong Kong, Panama and Jersey in the causa Elmer.


Head Judges P. Marti said even though Rudolf Elmer won the major issue he has to bear approx. 90 % of the legal costs (approx. 350 000) and the property (computers, music box etc.) of his wife and daughter remains confiscated and will be destroyed. On top of it he has to name the files he want from the 7,5 million files precisely and consisely and needs to covoer all the costs for the work performed to extract the requested files! Does this not look like revenge because the judge could not prosecute him for violating Swiss Bank Secrecy?



Liberté Info, Tax Justice Network, The Whistleblowers USA, Occupy Zürich publish on its page general information and updated details on the judicial fights of tax evasion whistleblower and former Wikileaks source Rudolf Elmer, whose case we believe is at the center of, and crucial (at the highest level) to, international justice and human rights.


Throughout the years this page has become the authority on Rudolf Elmer's fight since it contains dozens of copies of original documents including many exclusives, now made available to everyone to better understand this almost decade-long case and the wider politics behind it. Link WikiLeaks



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