"THE GUARDIAN" disclosing abusive practice of Julius Baer Feb 2009
In the article attached are the facts why the conclusion is correct that Swiss Bank Secrecy still as of today protects criminals:

- the well known newspaper of the GUARDIAN (United Kingdom) has not been sued by Julius Baer even though many abusive practices have been disclosed in the article attached. The defamation laws in the UK are exceptionally strict but Julius Baer has not taken THE GUARDIAN to Court.

- in addition Rudolf Elmer filed complaints against Julius Baer and Swiss individuals with the prosecutor´s office of Zurich and the federal prosecutor of Switzerland. All of those complaints have been turned down and no investigation has been carried out.

On the other hand Rudolf Elmer is facing a Court Trail being accused of having violated Swiss Bank Secrecy and Industrial Secrecy of Switzerland disclosing abusive practice using the data of the Cayman Islands´sister company of Julius Baer.

Please read the article and draw your conclusion!
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Anzeige Bundesanwaltschaft - Complaint Federal Prosecution Office
Diese Anzeige zeigt einige kriminelle Kunden in der Bank Julius Bär wie z.B. Arturo Acosta Chaparo, der Polizeioffizier und Drogenhändler, der zu 15 Jahren Zuchthaus in Mexiko im Jahre 2000 verurteilt wurde etc.

There are some criminal clients listed and disclosed in English in this German complaint for instance Arturo Acosta Chaparo who was a high ranking police officer in Mexico and joined the drug dealers. Finally he was sentenced to 15 years inprisonment in 2000. All the cases in the German text are explained in English and therefore you just need to scroll down to the English paragraphs in the complaint.
Bundesanwaltschaft Schweiz 2009.pdf
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Nicht-Eintreten durch Bundesanwalt Feb 2009 - Turning down the complaint by the Federal Prosecutor Feb 2009
Der Bundesanwalt ist auf die Anzeige nicht eingetreten und auch mit mir diesbezüglich keinen Kontakt aufgenommen. Damit blieben die dubiosen Handlungen der Bank und der Kunden vom höchsten Richter in der Schweiz geschützt.

The Federal Prosecutor decided to turn down the complaint based on all information received and he had not invited me for questioning the matter. Therefore, the Bank´s actions as well as the criminal clients remained protected by the highest judge in Switzerland.
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Der Moonstone Trust als weiteres Beispiel - The Moonstone Trust as an additional striking example

Ein Schweiz Bankangestellter kann seine Vorgesetzten betreffend Geldwäscherei, Gehilfenschaft bei Steuerbetrug, Strohmann-Funktion nicht anzeigen, da der Bankangestellte keine geschädigten Stellung aufweist gemäss Züricher Obergericht. Der Angestellte darf nur eine Meldung an den Compliance Officer machen, der dann diese an die Meldestelle für Geldwäscherei weitergibt. Im Fall Moonstone ist die Meldestelle nicht darauf eingetreten! (Entscheid Obergericht siehe "Züricher Justiz"). Es ist heute Allgemeingut, was mit diesen Berichten geschieht!


In the matter of the Moonstone Trust (tab Judiciary) a bank employee  cannot file a complaint against his superieurs even if there is suspicion of money laundering, tax fraud etc. under Swiss Law.. The higher Court of Zurich (details tap "Judiciary") decided that due to the fact the bank employee does not encounter any losses there is no legal entitlement under Swiss Law that such a complaint will be investigated. The only option is to file a so-called suspicious transaction report with the Compliance Officer. It is comon knowledge today what happens to those reports!