Is DAVID helevetic and GOLIATH a bear?

SWISS-  and WIKILEAKS Whistleblower versus Julius Baer, the law firms Roesle Frick & Partner, Niederer, Kraft & Frey, Prosecution Office of Zurich and the Head Judges Dr. Sebastian Aeppli and Peter Marti!

List of plaintiffs and players of the Appeal Hearing scheduled for November 17th, 2011 and the Trial of the Lower Court December 10th, 2014


1st and 2nd Plaintiffs: Bank Julius Bär & Co. AG and GAM Holding AG

Webpage: represented by Head Prosecutor Dr. iur. R. Jäger



3rd Plaintiff: Christoph Hiestand, 1st legal advisor Julius Baer: dealing with Elmer's case since 2002



all are represented by the Zurich law firm Roesle, Frick & Partner:


by Dr. Kurt Langhard:


4th Plaintiff: Curtis Lowell jun. (Eichenweg 5, 8700 Küsnacht Zurich), Director of Julius Baer & Trust Company, Cayman is represented by the law firm Niederer Kraft & Frey, Dr. Edgar H. Platzer:



The American Curtis Lowell jun. was accused of money laundering, fraud and other crimes related to Raul Salinas matter in Switzerland.


Defendant: Rudolf Elmer


Email: or contact form on the homepage


Key Players:


President of Julius Baer Holding AG: Dr. Raymond J. Baer to whom Rudolf Elmer used to report to:



Ryffel AG, Zurich: Private Detectives which acted as stalkers  compensated by Julius Baer:in the period 2003 to 2005



Judge Dr. Sebastian Aeppli, head judge in the cases of Rudolf Elmer. A judge who "willfully" struggles to understand the entire case

- by turning down all witness requests of the defence,

- by extending the period of limitation (violation of Swiss Bank Secrecy 7 years),

- by ignoring the true employment contract,

- by extending Swiss Bank Secrecy to the Cayman Islands


in order to  prosecute Rudolf Elmer. This all will spoil the reputation of the Courts of Zurich see documentary "A leak in Paradise".



Die Kleinen hängt man, die Grossen lässt man laufen!

On laisse échapper le requin, et ne parvient à saisir que la sardine!

Little thieves are hanged, but great ones escape!

Eugen Haltiner, Kaspar Villiger, Schweiz. Parlament und die UBS Geschichte?!